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besides to fashion, as you can see, I am into travel as well that’s why I’d made this blog a lifestyle blog where I can put up all the topics I want basically about fashion, shopping foods and travels which are one makes me going. Yes! travel is in my heart since when I was unmarried but of course life is a full of unexpected things hence I cant really persuade to travel the world now as I need to attend on my own family’s needs for now, but hopefully soon as my baby gets older enough we, as family, can able to travel the world all together, that’s totally fun, isn’t it?

As I am on the current states on convincing our baby, we could go far as I want we could because we need to consider the baby utmost than anything else thus we’re just decided to have fun at the nearby beach where we’re currently resides. The beach is in around San Diego but please bear with me as I forgot the name of the beach..haha but I know this was the only beach that people are visiting here in San Diego for a good swim hence you can easily finds it over your gps or ask some locals for direction perhaps as you keen to go to here as well in the future.

I loved it here because it does reminds me of my home country Philippines, but of course Philippines is way better than here but the white sands tells and reminds me the beach on the Philippines that we’ve been to which in El nido Palawan.

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Last year, me and my whole family are got to see the beauty of El nido Palawan in the Philippines, and no words can describe and contains on how beauty it was because the water is truly clear and the nature was incredibly awesome where its like you are seeing it at the postcard, look our picture on top – that’s how clear the water was..

I hope soon we can get back in here and have a good memories to share with family again back home in the Philippines.

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