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Ive been a fan of bento boxes since I am Asian. Back in the Philippines there’re a lot of Japanese resto there where you could choose from with, they offer a lot of meals from snack down to the main course, name it and they have it! Japanese foods are one I prefers because they usual set of foods are really mouth watery and at the same time it’s indeed healthy and you couldn’t feel the quilt after to indulge yourself will bunch of delicious foods on the table.

Recently, me and my friends are got our way to the ware houre stores in Las vegas and along the way we’ve found my fave resto branch which I total in loved with hence I ask my friends if we could just eat there as all the foods were indeed awesome and luckily they were all agreed with me though most of them aren’t Asians and aren’t that fond on eating out of their comfort, but good thing they’ve loved it much like how I loved the foods here.

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