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Eating too much saturated fat can increase your blood cholesterol and risk for developing heart disease. That’s why it’s a must to replace them instead with healthier alternatives and unsaturated fats. Choose low-fat dairy foods. For instance, you can choose nonfat Greek yogurt over sour cream, fat-free cream cheese over cream cheese, and reduced fat cheeses over the usual cheese. When you’re cooking, use oils instead of butter. One cooking oil which is said to have plenty of nutritional benefits and contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels is rapeseed oil ( Don’t use coconut and palm oils and coconut milk because they’re rich in saturated fat. Furthermore, instead of drinking coconut milk, drink soy or almond milk.

If you’re fond of eating high-fat meats like regular bacon, regular ground beef, and red meat, you can instead eat lean protein foods so as to lower saturated fat intake. Replace regular ground beef with lean ground beef and regular bacon with turkey bacon. Go for seafood, unbreaded skinless poultry, egg whites, and soy protein as substitutes over red meat.

A conscious effort to be healthy really takes a lot of hard work and discipline. Always remember that having a healthy lifestyle should go hand-in-hand with regular exercise, sufficient sleep, and most of all, a balanced and nutritious diet.

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