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As we got into this new generation, the quality of the living is getting higher while the manner, I supposed, are getting weaker? especially for the men. Because as we opposed that man can only rule tha nation and we women eager to have the equality the men thinks that we’re all, women, stronger and cant really need their help as we are getting into hard times. Though, sometimes it is good to be alone, it is good to solve your own problem and have your own pace in life but as the bible saying, no man is an island hence we’d still need a hand to do what’s the right thing we must do. So, please as you are man and seeing a lady who needs a help please dont hesitate to extend your hands and have her at ease even for a single hour of hardness she’d having through.

Women are naturally bipolar and vain, I must say, but please understands us as we need a care for the manly guy who carry us, seek us, love us in the time we needed more. Yes! I am quite disappointed with those man who doesn’t have balls to attend their responsibility in life, their family. Because they are not manly enough to say and earned the credit they’d trying to obtain in this life. Good thing, all the men in my life are this very responsible, loving and caring to do all things we needed to attend to. As well, they’re thoughtful and gentleman enough to extend hand for those in needed.

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