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As you follows me on my other blog you might probably know that I am into sunnies or glasses because my eyes are easily to gets irritates whether on the simply dust winds or into a sunlight hence I got myself some good pair of sunglasses for me to rock on everyday, yes! even on the simply day, I must say. Actually, most of my sunnies are from the clients I used to worked with before and till now, they just generous enough for even sent over some branded one to try one but of course in exchange of my honest review over my site, you might got confused then which really blogs I moderate with? please dont! as I owned the 3 blogs alone and I am keep on writing with them simultaneously hence you should check the other 2 blogs as well as I am keen on updating them all more often.

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For all the accessories I have, sunglasses are one of my best picks as it was an functional and at the same time it does makes you look fashionable as well. Sunglasses are very essential too as for the summer season is past approaching thus you should get yourself one today for you to gets in on what’s new in the fashion industry as you wanted of course yourself to be trendy like others.

And if you ask me on which brand should I recommended, I’ll probably say Rayban, the brand for all sunnies?, because the line had a reputation already and it’s gained so much through years they’ve working in the industry thus a lot of fashion icons and enthusiasts are pretty pleased to have their sunnies to the brand, RayBan, and it gives this luxurious feels as you have one for yourself.

By the way, I’ve got mine at for like an 100 bucks when the shop hold an sale events last February you can get yours too in the same price, just check the shop now and see for yourself on what the shop could offer. You can either check their sale section where all the sales items were listed for you to easily sees in which one you could pick or not.