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Valentine’s Day Ideas with Your Loved One

Valentine’s Day is ‘round the corner and we are all wondering what our plans will be. If you are in a fix thinking how to celebrate this day of love, we have some ideas for you. Making your partner feel cherished is the one thing you should make sure of. So whether you have been together for four weeks or four years, these ideas will definitely rock your romance!

  1. Plan a getaway

Though unfortunately, this Valentine’s Day is mid-week, you can still plan the perfect mini vacation by taking a day off. If you are feeling a little adventurous why not turn it into a long weekend where you can share a memorable experience with your beloved? But make sure to have the bookings on time if you are planning to stay at a hotel as Valentine’s week is the peak season and may be difficult to get a room if you get late.

  1. Have a meal-

This one sounds obvious but why not spend the night just having a meal together? Take them out to their favorite restaurant or better yet, cook their preferred cuisine. Your partner is bound to be impressed by the amount of effort you put in the meal for him or her.

  1. Stay-in-

If you are one of those couples who think Valentine’s Day is overhyped, you may want to spend the night in. You can still make it a little special spending some quality time with your significant other. Cuddle under a warm blanket and watch your favorite movies together, or play a game of bingo with them. There are great websites that offer bingo promotions, try them out to make your experience even more fun!

Hope you find these ideas helpful. Try them out and make your day (or night) unforgettable!

A must have Teapot

Though in this modern days, people especially teens are into coffee more than to teas, old-schooled, because coffee is very aromatic thus it can gives an enough energy for all of us to do what are your errands for the certain day hence coffee is one of the top priority for folks every morning. But to others, like myself though, teas are still on the top list, why? because first of the health benefits of it though coffee has its own too, but not that well as for teas, especially green teas.

My mum started to drink tea more because the doctor recommended it than coffee for a morning sip. That’s why we got this Ecooe glass teapot from the shop called that comes with teapot with filters in it which rarely to see in the usual teapot. Actually, the shop Ive mentioned is pretty awesome for its kitchen utensil because you gotta see a lot of useful and eco-friendly products that you can enjoy using around your kitchen and if your mum loves to cook more I think she’ll enjoy shopping it here especially this end of the month as the shop getting some item’s on sale for the celebration of the black Friday..

Indeed, Teapot is a must have today and you can even boil water in it for your coffee instead of having the kettle on over your stove which may uses a lot of gas that can make your bill indefinitely high. In a way, having this product is quite practical too and handy of course as it can gives convenient to everyone for the fast pace days you’d got. Hence, I really recommend you to have this teapot over while it’s on sale..

The Challenge of Throwing a Perfectly Balanced Party

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Throwing the perfect party can be a challenge. In order for a party to be good, a lot of simple factors need to be perfectly balanced. For example, a good party will need a mix of exciting guests, delicious food, and entertainment. If one of these factors is out of balance, for example, if the party guests are boring, then the party can be a disaster. But I am pretty sure that lviv city break is the best party you can attend to.

Just about every party benefits from having a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. When people drink alcohol in moderation, they feel relaxed and are more likely to open up and enjoy themselves. After a few drinks, any small problems that are taking place at the party become irrelevant because people just don’t care.

When it comes to preparing alcoholic beverages for a party, it is good to think in advance about who you are inviting. Some guests are probably going to be satisfied with a decent variety of cold beers. Other guests may only drink wine or mixed cocktails.

 photo f4974a77397f6abaa440bd4b3ba5402f_zpsctqfrgox.jpg

It’s also important to know whether or not you need to purchase expensive alcohol for your guests or if some bottom shelf alcohol is enough for the pallet of your guests. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive bottles of vodka, tequila, vermouth, or other alcohol if it is only going to be mixed in cocktails or if your guests really can’t tell the difference.

A popular trend in alcohol cocktails is to prepare low carb alcoholic cocktails. This is because when some people attend a party, they like to drink alcohol, but they are concerned about the effects of the alcohol could have on their waistline. Thankfully, there are a wide range of products that are available that are designed to address this need. They are very tasty and refreshing, yet they have only a fraction of the carbs that you would find in your typical alcoholic cocktail.

It is a beautiful thing when a party comes together. It’s neat to watch as people from different backgrounds interact with each other and enjoy each other’s company. It’s fun to watch your guests as they eat your food, enjoy the beverages provided, and just has a good time.

For person who is good at it, throwing a party can be a lot more fun than attending a party. In addition to the fun that comes from hanging out with guests, a person who throws a party has the satisfaction of knowing that they were able to take a bunch of complex elements, mix them together in perfect balance, and create something that a large group of people were able to enjoy.

San Franciso : @ Fishermans Wharf

 photo IMG_3345_zps0vnerpm3.jpg

Before we heads to San Francisco, we did our little assignment first which searching on what places to go, and one of the list was the San Francisco Fisherman Whare. We dont actually know what to see in here but definitely we have to pay our visit to see why tourists are keeps on recommending it thus we make our way to the place at afternoon that day. Wait, we just got to met our friends then we heads over all together on the place.

The place alone is just fine, I dont find it extra ordinary bit you could treat yourself some great seafood in this place but since we got a tons already in menifee, seafood, I’ve got myself a different one which you can see below:

 photo IMG_6091_zpsypnb3ppk.jpg

I loved their creamy dessert, It’s not a ice cream like you think – I dunno on what they called it but definitely a must try while you find yourself roaming at fishermans soon.

San Francisco fishermans is quite near at the famous bridge and in the union square where all tourists destination. You can check google on how you can reach in these places as you planned already to have your off times like we do. 🙂

London my dream place to live

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One of my dream place to live in was London, though US is quite good to live in too but I think UK is way better or the best to live as they have the healthy lifestyle most of the time, I supposed? as they always drink tea and eating greens which one I truly love as well. Here in the US, there’s those kind of food but I bet they were all have a severe used in msg which I am not fond of with hence I better to each my ow full gown veggies at our home’s backyard.

Also, UK is the place where all ancients buildings and either sorts of momentum where houses also in UK they have a lot of neighborhood where one train away that you can actually able to visit in one go using the trail ways, the European union countries. I am actually planning to have my tour this summer and that where begins in London then  I’ll gets down to Germany going to Paris for the Eiffel tower picture which I truly want to have as my souvenirs for this trip has it happened for real, Will never know, right?

so you? what is you dream place or country to live for? I know you have your own already as people are naturally wanting to see other places which is part ways on their comfort zone, at least once in their lifetime.

The New

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I’ve decided guys that this site, formally a Chinese site, is now making its way to the international audiences by writing it off using the English language hence everyone can interact and shares either their own opinion through my comment box, unlike before where all the Chinese character where everywhere and I only gaining hits to these fellow Chinese countries which is far on my target audience. That is why now, I am trying my best though to have written the whole site in English alone and I hope you can visit me here often as I intend to share off all of my own travel experiences, fashion, foods that I loved and the lifestyle and tying to stick on through days past.

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Jane Marin am a half Spanish by blood, 1/4 Chinese and the remaining is Filipino – I grown up in the Philippines but now I am residing in the states for the new beginning – quite sometimes too I travel in China and Taiwan even to the other colony country such as Singapore, I loved Chinese Language most as I part of my soul is already part in it as my ancestral are from the country.


Well, as I’ve said, you can see me writing some of my own expecines here, a lifestyle kind of blog is it. And you can even sees some of my travels but mostly foods I pleased about hence you better check me often here for more updates and details. Also, I’ll be including some fashion brand collections here as am getting some press release to be posted. So, keep an eye on it too.

Alright, that will be all for now and I look forward to see you coming here as often as you could.

Thanks so much!

Bento at my fave resto

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Ive been a fan of bento boxes since I am Asian. Back in the Philippines there’re a lot of Japanese resto there where you could choose from with, they offer a lot of meals from snack down to the main course, name it and they have it! Japanese foods are one I prefers because they usual set of foods are really mouth watery and at the same time it’s indeed healthy and you couldn’t feel the quilt after to indulge yourself will bunch of delicious foods on the table.

Recently, me and my friends are got our way to the ware houre stores in Las vegas and along the way we’ve found my fave resto branch which I total in loved with hence I ask my friends if we could just eat there as all the foods were indeed awesome and luckily they were all agreed with me though most of them aren’t Asians and aren’t that fond on eating out of their comfort, but good thing they’ve loved it much like how I loved the foods here.