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Heading to San Francisco

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In the company where we’re into, me and the husband, It’s rarely to have an 4 days off within the year as we’re an casino dealer are job are through out the day and night thus we got no time to have a off within a day or we just got one day a week but more or less we just have to spend it sleeping and eating out a day, which not I recommend at all. That is why when we got this 4 days off we rushy checked on what we should do to spend it awesomely and s since we got a friends in San Francisco and we haven’t been there too, we’ve decided to have a drive on the city and see on what it could offer us. We drove for like 8 hours through hills and desserts just to get in to place and we bump into some great scenery too which made us amazed quite bit.

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We’ve stopped on this place where all the trees were gigantic. Sorry though because I forgot the name of this place but I think it was quite well known to tourist as a lot of people are getting their stop just to have a photo souvenir in it, like what I did – look!.

Driving from Menifee to San Francisco is quite tiring literally but it does also fun because we got to spend our off meaningfully and full of happiness moment together.

Okay, that’s it for now and please keep on checking me here as I keen to continue the journey by my next post. See you!

Getting my dose of vitamin – sea

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besides to fashion, as you can see, I am into travel as well that’s why I’d made this blog a lifestyle blog where I can put up all the topics I want basically about fashion, shopping foods and travels which are one makes me going. Yes! travel is in my heart since when I was unmarried but of course life is a full of unexpected things hence I cant really persuade to travel the world now as I need to attend on my own family’s needs for now, but hopefully soon as my baby gets older enough we, as family, can able to travel the world all together, that’s totally fun, isn’t it?

As I am on the current states on convincing our baby, we could go far as I want we could because we need to consider the baby utmost than anything else thus we’re just decided to have fun at the nearby beach where we’re currently resides. The beach is in around San Diego but please bear with me as I forgot the name of the beach..haha but I know this was the only beach that people are visiting here in San Diego for a good swim hence you can easily finds it over your gps or ask some locals for direction perhaps as you keen to go to here as well in the future.

I loved it here because it does reminds me of my home country Philippines, but of course Philippines is way better than here but the white sands tells and reminds me the beach on the Philippines that we’ve been to which in El nido Palawan.

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Last year, me and my whole family are got to see the beauty of El nido Palawan in the Philippines, and no words can describe and contains on how beauty it was because the water is truly clear and the nature was incredibly awesome where its like you are seeing it at the postcard, look our picture on top – that’s how clear the water was..

I hope soon we can get back in here and have a good memories to share with family again back home in the Philippines.

Trends: Gold Watch #wristcandy

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I’d often sees women wearing this kind of gold watch in them, what do you think? it is trend? or it was just a statement? let me know your thoughts about it as I am trying to know now if the piece is making its way to the fashion industry now. Though gold watches are been trend for some good years already and it does make a statements for mostly professional persona and yet the watch hasn’t recorded as it was trend where everybody is getting crazed on it to have. But as am seeing it today, I think the gold watch is making a huge different in the industry these coming months ahead, who never know, right?

Actually, I am also pleased to have one for myself as my one client is happily giving me one for review over my site, let see on how it looks like and how does the quality like. Sure! I’ll do a review on this site as well for you to see this kind of watch here is yay or nay.. hows that?? Okay, please do check me often here for more fashion updates and news.

Men’s street wear fashion

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If you aren’t sure about on what’s hot and not especially in today’s mens fashion. I suggest you then to have look at the street where usual dope guys are hanging. Yes! you could probably see some inspiration where you could also do for yourself. And if you are residing into this rural kind of places and hasn’t access with this fashion cities, I may suggest you to just check them online because online is the best venue to check over all of these as people are keeps on updating and you can merely sees all the trendiest outfits that can truly makes you dope as you follow. Actually, for my certain style, I dont really follow my own fashion sense occasionally especially if I need to attend a event with a dress code implemented thus you need an idea to pull off hence it’s better for you to practice checking these lovely street wear fashion for your convenient.

Basics styling is ones proper for this summer season because basics finds are usually light t wear and they kinda absorb air in it ad soak your sweats as it was a 100% cotton. Go check your fave store now and have yourself some basics tees to rock on this spring and summer season.

Mermaid inspired look

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Last week, I blogged about on how pleased I am to have a colored wigs for the reason of, I can now make my inspirational look with the mermaid inspired look like on what you are seeing on the top photo. Yes! this look is very quirky thus a lot of lady, me included, are wanting to achieve this look but sadly to say not everyone can really pull this off because first, you have to consider your total appearance as well the color of your skin though, because as this was tend to have a dyed hair in variant color then it should also be you to have an at least fair kind of skin color for you to compliment the hair you wanted.

To learn more about this, please check the video below for further details.

Extra: 2016 Trendy Hair Color Asian Girls Hairstyles

So, these are the 2 videos you should watch first for you to see if the hairstyle is going to be suits on you well or not. 🙂

Be quirky, use colored wigs this summer

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Don’t have a time to fix your hair? if so, why not considering wearing colored wig this summer? yes! you can do that as long your are confidently wearing it and everything will gone right on you. Though I know most of you would probably feel uncertain with these lovely colors here and yet as you feel you are beautiful wearing it, it would really came out that way as on how these Japanese people do.

Wigs are uses as fashion accessories too these days hence majority of the teens are fond to have it even to rock with it on their daily wear thus this kind of fashion statement is gone internationally and adopt by the westerner and starting to invades the fashion scene too. No doubt, if we can see some of these luxurious brands using wigs to showcase their new campaign and collection for showroom.

Color wigs are great too this summer as they can make your total outfit summery and fun, and it can also help to uplift mood as colors are tend to do it or naturally can influence one’s person mood thus you should have to consider it yourself this hot season.

Prints for summer

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Summer is past approaching and I know most of you gels are pretty excited on it as you can now wear your mini skirts and shorts shorts that the winter season had spared with you for the long time already. Actually, I am not fond with winter and any chilly season because it’s easily for me to gets cold thus I am prefer myself to live in the tropical country like the Philippines but I have no choice then now as I need to live here in the US together with my family.

Prints and patterns are once cool to have this summer season as they gives an comfortable feels with everyone thus you should have yourself one as early as now because these finds would probably gets expensive as the summer season has come officially. Neon type colors are also hot this summer as well some plain white top which you can paired off in any other pieces you wanted to pull off.

So yes, find yourself some colorful pieces this summer for you to be in trends and be not outdated on what’s new and not. You can check me often here for the updates because as the summer is about to come I also continuestly updating this blog with the finds I’ve found must have this summer.

Lovely wooden Watch

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As you all know guys that I also runs another blog called beside to this Wherein I puts all my personal thingy in there especially sort of topics where has to do in states where I currently residing now. I also doing good on the other site already hence quite sometimes I received some love from the clients around the world where I can able to try their best products in return of my honest review over my humble blog. This recently, a client from Texas had contacted me if I want to review their own wooden watches to try and of course I answer them my humbled yes as I am also eager to have it due to the quickness of this timepiece and I knew this kind of piece would be on trend this coming months as mostly fashion icons and enthusiast are pleased to have it as their main accessories.

Watches are good especially the ladies watches, because they’re functional and fashionable at the same time. You cant really do wrong as you tried to pull off your outfit using the watch as your main accentual as it was really indeed awesome whether for the casual or formal wear, watches are versatile enough to rock on.

This watch here is from jrod watches collection, if I did recalled it right though – the brand name, and it has this maple kind of color on the middle of the wrist wood which I think is awesome for both men and women as it was a resemblance of the famous and luxurious watch brand I knew.

Be a Man, Be Gentleman

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As we got into this new generation, the quality of the living is getting higher while the manner, I supposed, are getting weaker? especially for the men. Because as we opposed that man can only rule tha nation and we women eager to have the equality the men thinks that we’re all, women, stronger and cant really need their help as we are getting into hard times. Though, sometimes it is good to be alone, it is good to solve your own problem and have your own pace in life but as the bible saying, no man is an island hence we’d still need a hand to do what’s the right thing we must do. So, please as you are man and seeing a lady who needs a help please dont hesitate to extend your hands and have her at ease even for a single hour of hardness she’d having through.

Women are naturally bipolar and vain, I must say, but please understands us as we need a care for the manly guy who carry us, seek us, love us in the time we needed more. Yes! I am quite disappointed with those man who doesn’t have balls to attend their responsibility in life, their family. Because they are not manly enough to say and earned the credit they’d trying to obtain in this life. Good thing, all the men in my life are this very responsible, loving and caring to do all things we needed to attend to. As well, they’re thoughtful and gentleman enough to extend hand for those in needed.

London my dream place to live

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One of my dream place to live in was London, though US is quite good to live in too but I think UK is way better or the best to live as they have the healthy lifestyle most of the time, I supposed? as they always drink tea and eating greens which one I truly love as well. Here in the US, there’s those kind of food but I bet they were all have a severe used in msg which I am not fond of with hence I better to each my ow full gown veggies at our home’s backyard.

Also, UK is the place where all ancients buildings and either sorts of momentum where houses also in UK they have a lot of neighborhood where one train away that you can actually able to visit in one go using the trail ways, the European union countries. I am actually planning to have my tour this summer and that where begins in London then  I’ll gets down to Germany going to Paris for the Eiffel tower picture which I truly want to have as my souvenirs for this trip has it happened for real, Will never know, right?

so you? what is you dream place or country to live for? I know you have your own already as people are naturally wanting to see other places which is part ways on their comfort zone, at least once in their lifetime.