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Last week, I blogged about on how pleased I am to have a colored wigs for the reason of, I can now make my inspirational look with the mermaid inspired look like on what you are seeing on the top photo. Yes! this look is very quirky thus a lot of lady, me included, are wanting to achieve this look but sadly to say not everyone can really pull this off because first, you have to consider your total appearance as well the color of your skin though, because as this was tend to have a dyed hair in variant color then it should also be you to have an at least fair kind of skin color for you to compliment the hair you wanted.

To learn more about this, please check the video below for further details.

Extra: 2016 Trendy Hair Color Asian Girls Hairstyles

So, these are the 2 videos you should watch first for you to see if the hairstyle is going to be suits on you well or not. 🙂

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