Month: April 2018

Knowing The Quality of Suits You Wear

One of the basic or should I say the one main style you should get off when you’ll have to attend any casual or formal gatherings your way was this casual smart look. Because this look doesn’t made you wrong with these kind of occasions. In fact, it does really help you to be more looking neat and professional in some ways. Hence, if you have to kill in any casual styling along your way, I really suggesting you though to have look of these casual styling that are composed of a suits, usual, and pair it with your nicely fitted chinos or trouser pants, if you are a man, and for women – I think slack in black are prefect match on your woman’s suits, so to speaks. 

Might mot of you folks doesn’t have the idea where to buy a suits and on how to spot the quality one versus to the low quality made. So. CT shirts, experts in suit design, have created a guide to make your purchase a worth one. All you have to do is, to check their shop today and see all these tips that are too helpful and useful as for in picking the right suits for yourself.

Quality of Fabrics and Materials 

One of the most part of a suits you should consider before buying them was the fabrics has used to it. Because these fabrics can really tell on how quality of the suits alone. But if I were you I’ll definitely buy mine at  CT shirts,  the experts in Men’s suits design, for me to save the time. Because this site has their own shop that only produces a quality of suits around. Hence, getting yours here really can guaranteed you a good quality one.

I also advised you to take a look on the brand label before taking it in. Because if the brand itself, where you about to get your suits, are pretty reputable and well known in the industry. It’s means, that 100% of their products are too fine and well sewed which can guarantee you for the quality and it may surely lasted for some good years unlike when you bought the one in cheap price and still the materials aren’t that refined, I so to speaks, which wont last for a least 3 wear, I am telling you!

The designs, shapes and Cuts

Of course, when buying your suits on. You should also know your right size,, shape and the designs base o your need. Because these 3 factors really play a big role in getting your own and first suits to kill.

Designs are too important, because this speak on your personally as well. But if you wanna portrait a neatly looking one as for it’s need to the event you’re about to go through. I’ll definitely suggest you to have the tuxedo among the rest of the suits available today. Because tuxedos are the classic and still generic that can really makes you still dope and lit whatever the them of the events would be. Hence, getting yourself one of it from CT shirts is a must!

The shapes and Cuts are too import as well when choosing your suits. Because these 2 things really help you to have the best suits that can compliment on the type of body you has. If you’re lacking with heights and has the average I really suggest you to have the short or other labeled them as the medium size – just look on the inside label for you to learn further.

About the cut?

Others wanting their suits to have a extra designs on the front that is sewed – I dunno what to the term of it though, just to have an accentual for the total look of the suits alone. Other doesn’t want it as they preferred themselves to add the handkerchief to be classic and classy. So, it’s better to know your liking first before jumping to a suits that is not speaking your entire fashion preferable.

Cheeking the Depth and Details

To be honest,every stores or brands has their own trademarks in making their own formal or casual smart look finds. Because they’ll have to be quirky to others to be recognized and to be considered. If you like something old-schooled or classic made of suits. You can find them though through these European based brands but you’re more fond to a very millennial, I so to speaks, you better get some from the american based brands as they’re into this market more than to the vintage inspired of suits.



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