Month: April 2016

Latest Trend in Women’s T-Shirts

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As the new season comes, fashion and trendy pieces were also changing for example for winter when the cold breeze air are everywhere at this season people often wears bulky type of clothes even women consider having a double pants and shirts inside them which made them looking quite unfashionable but you know what? you can still be proud and looking chic per season as long you know on what are these pieces to consider. Good thing, will be having our spring and summer season now where we could play a little bit on the type of styling you must be pulling off.

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Summer is a fun season for me. Because I got to wear off all these Women’s T-Shirts without thinking of on how cold is was outside like what we used to thinks back in December. Also, there’re a bunch of varieties in Women’s Tops where you can pick up on, there was this shirts basics, colored basic shirts and tees and at the same time the V-neck plain shirts which mostly girls are having as the summer season comes. Of course, you should know as well on how you can mix and matches clothes for your total summer look to be as chic as you wanted. I suggest you then to have look for these lookbook photos from the brands you likes hence you can have your ideas on how you can style yourself up for this lovely season.

But if you dont have any idea at all. Then, I encourage you to do T-Shirts Online Shopping because online shop has all the trendiest displayed over their website hence you can have your idea already o how you can pull off your outfit to be.

 photo 322f32d80dc01e5dbdc9ce3071681b62_zpstbuuqbox.jpgAnd for my two cents. You dont have to be dolled-up using all the trendy pieces as long you have your confidence with you I think you really can pull off your total outfit as it goes or went out on your total appearance and personality. Okay then, that would be all for now and I hope you can keep on checking me here often for more fashion updates.

The Beginner’s Checklist For Looking Great In Photographs

We are arguably taking more photographs than ever before. Whether you have the fanciest professional camera and lens or a simple instant camera, you can achieve amazing results. There are many reasons we might want to take photographs. Perhaps we’re visiting a new city or a beautiful location. Maybe we want to document our outfit for a blog or special occasion. We might simply want to look back on the day and remember it through the photographs we took. There might be no particular reason! But whatever our motivation, photographs can be a treasured personal possession and a way to remember important times in our life. It is natural to want to look your best in them and achieve the best effect. Help is at hand! We’re all still learners when it comes taking pictures, no matter how long we’ve been practising. This technology is constantly evolving so we have to try and involve with it. If you want to look your best in photographs, then try this easy checklist.

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Number 1: The Makeup

Some people now make a living through Instagram and Facebook by photographing their makeup skills! Most of us are not at that level and don’t have time to get to it. But there are still a few makeup tips you can remember for taking a great picture. You may want to make your skin look as flawless as possible, but look for products without SPF. SPF features commonly in high street makeup and can be a lifesaver. It stops us skipping the annoying but essential step of applying sunscreen. But it flashes back in photographs. This can give us a strange white cast or “waxy” look to our skin. Try to just use concealer where you need it or seek out makeup with no SPF. Choose one feature to play up such as the eyes or lips. Playing up both can make it look like they are competing for attention. So just subtly draw the attention to one such as with kohl pencil or a pink lip. Finally, be sure to make the most of your bone structure. Not all of us have killer cheekbones or a strong jaw, but we can create one! Sculpting powders like the contour kit from Anastasia are very popular for making the features stand out. Follow a tutorial on YouTube and you can’t go wrong!

Number 2: Have A Great Background

Nothing looks a photograph look more striking and professional than a great background. Try to develop your photographer’s eye. Look for amazing landmarks, colours, or beautiful features. Posing in front of them can instantly raise your photography game. In can be easy to take a picture wherever you are standing, but put a bit of thought and effort into what’s behind you. It will make all the difference.

Number 3: Know Your Camera

A wonderful, modern camera with all the trimmings can make our lives easier. But it is not necessary to have one to take great photos. In fact, even if you have a great camera, unless you know how to handle it well then your photographs will still look bad! Put effort into getting to know your camera and you’ll achieve better results, whatever your budget.

Number 4: Relax!

Staying relaxed and happy in photographs is the key to making them shine. Photographs pick up subtle expressions and body language so it is important not to let tensions or worries get a hold. Think happy thoughts and your pictures will automatically look better. It will be more fun too!

The humbucker

As much as possible I want to keep this blog on theme as I was to do at first but since a lot of you folks were asking me to put up in different topics for you to pleased yourself in here more, then. Let me tell you this awesome humbucker where mostly musical inclined person are crazed about. Actually, this humbucker as a kinda tool for your guitar for its to run well and sounds well. You can check out online for further details about it before considering having it yourself.

Getting my “Me Time” day

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Firstly, please bear with my face which has a white cream in it as I am having my facial at spa. Yes! quite sometimes I wanted to go alone and have all the things done I wanted in one whole day others calls this day a ” me time” hence I called me the same way..hahah A day ago, I got an off from work hence I’ve decided to have a day to do all the things i needed do and one of it was to remove all the whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes on my face by having a good facial from the spa I truly trusted.

Beside of that I also went to kohl’s alone to have another set of wardrobe to wear for our up coming company’s party, and yes! will blog about it soon and I’ll be posting out some of me wearing the clothes I’ve bought. In addition, I am so pleased as well to blog up some of the foods I taken from the past few weeks which serves on my food category and I hope you can also check that out for you to see on how mouth watering foods I’ve got in here – btw, those meals are usually free as I got them using my points cards and sorts of resto reviews too.

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope you can keep on visiting me here for more personal updates and any fashion finds I’ve got along the way..

Best Workout wear to have

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Might most of you are into workout already as you find the benefits of it to your body like I do. Yes! as you can see it I am really trying my best just to be fit. not that skinny though. but at least to fell comfortable or confidence to the type of body I have hence i really working out to have my desire body.

Recently, one company who used to sell a home exercise tool, like what you are seeing on the top photo, had contacted me to have this ninja kind looking tool which I didn’t know what to call as they randomly picked it for me to try. Anyway, the tool itself is really gold where I can really feel the intensity as I make my way to fitness using it. Also, the tool is really perfect for us women because it does a light weight thus it’s handy and you can even brings it easily anywhere and anytime, you can either have it at park as you fond on doing any yoga forms using this pinky tool here.

Besides to the tool, you should be also wearing the right exercise or gym wear for you to make the position right. Yes! that’s important because proper clothing can gives a result on your total workout where you do it at gym or at home. As for my own fashion statement, I must say, for my exercise pace – I am wearing a comfortable leggings and a great cotton top from Nike that can help absorb sweat as I am sweating that hard doing my yoga forms. Also, I’m currently looking through bags from The North Face at ZALORA because bags are pretty essentials too as you go out for an public runs or jog because having it, you can easily store everything you needed such as: your towels, tumbler, runs trackers and many more. Hence this bag is really a must have as you also considering having your first gym workout or even at your own home.

Little Europe in San Francisco?

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I was thrilled to know that there was a place in San Francisco that is quite resemblance in Europe architectures that makes me excites more because as you all know my dream destination is Europe where I can ride the gondola and see the Eiffel tower up close and have my own pace going to London too as the euraill has its access already country to country which is good to know as I was keen to visit the European union countries and London in one go, I hope soon this dream will became in real and of course, I’ll work hard on it.. Meantime, I’ll just spend myself here in San Francisco when the little Europe is resides. haha Actually, I dunno what is the placed called, I just found it fascinated thus I got myself a picture as souvenir yes! I’ve been touristy with my own country now.. ahha

 photo 20150930_163150_zpsbotq6trc.jpg

Of course, this trip would be complete as I dont have a snap with my best friend Maya, This lovely lady here is my best friend back in the Philippines till forever an good thing that she was now residing in San Francisco which a miles away only and we can easily have our own girly pace together as we got our both off.

This place is really romantic and I can even smells roses all over, I dont know I just found it that way, maybe I just thought it was just an romantic place hence my mind stimuli an roses smells which I actually smells literally. So strange!

 photo 20150930_163224_zpstkxemage.jpg

Of course, we cant leave the place without a picture of me and my lovely husband. I really thank him for driving me off here in San Francisco though a almost 8 hour drive is no joke. No worries, by next time as I dont feel dizzy I’ll definitely change you on driving..hehe but for now, let you drive our way home.. hehe peace!

San Franciso : @ Fishermans Wharf

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Before we heads to San Francisco, we did our little assignment first which searching on what places to go, and one of the list was the San Francisco Fisherman Whare. We dont actually know what to see in here but definitely we have to pay our visit to see why tourists are keeps on recommending it thus we make our way to the place at afternoon that day. Wait, we just got to met our friends then we heads over all together on the place.

The place alone is just fine, I dont find it extra ordinary bit you could treat yourself some great seafood in this place but since we got a tons already in menifee, seafood, I’ve got myself a different one which you can see below:

 photo IMG_6091_zpsypnb3ppk.jpg

I loved their creamy dessert, It’s not a ice cream like you think – I dunno on what they called it but definitely a must try while you find yourself roaming at fishermans soon.

San Francisco fishermans is quite near at the famous bridge and in the union square where all tourists destination. You can check google on how you can reach in these places as you planned already to have your off times like we do. 🙂

Heading to San Francisco

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In the company where we’re into, me and the husband, It’s rarely to have an 4 days off within the year as we’re an casino dealer are job are through out the day and night thus we got no time to have a off within a day or we just got one day a week but more or less we just have to spend it sleeping and eating out a day, which not I recommend at all. That is why when we got this 4 days off we rushy checked on what we should do to spend it awesomely and s since we got a friends in San Francisco and we haven’t been there too, we’ve decided to have a drive on the city and see on what it could offer us. We drove for like 8 hours through hills and desserts just to get in to place and we bump into some great scenery too which made us amazed quite bit.

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We’ve stopped on this place where all the trees were gigantic. Sorry though because I forgot the name of this place but I think it was quite well known to tourist as a lot of people are getting their stop just to have a photo souvenir in it, like what I did – look!.

Driving from Menifee to San Francisco is quite tiring literally but it does also fun because we got to spend our off meaningfully and full of happiness moment together.

Okay, that’s it for now and please keep on checking me here as I keen to continue the journey by my next post. See you!

Getting my dose of vitamin – sea

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besides to fashion, as you can see, I am into travel as well that’s why I’d made this blog a lifestyle blog where I can put up all the topics I want basically about fashion, shopping foods and travels which are one makes me going. Yes! travel is in my heart since when I was unmarried but of course life is a full of unexpected things hence I cant really persuade to travel the world now as I need to attend on my own family’s needs for now, but hopefully soon as my baby gets older enough we, as family, can able to travel the world all together, that’s totally fun, isn’t it?

As I am on the current states on convincing our baby, we could go far as I want we could because we need to consider the baby utmost than anything else thus we’re just decided to have fun at the nearby beach where we’re currently resides. The beach is in around San Diego but please bear with me as I forgot the name of the beach..haha but I know this was the only beach that people are visiting here in San Diego for a good swim hence you can easily finds it over your gps or ask some locals for direction perhaps as you keen to go to here as well in the future.

I loved it here because it does reminds me of my home country Philippines, but of course Philippines is way better than here but the white sands tells and reminds me the beach on the Philippines that we’ve been to which in El nido Palawan.

 photo 2015-10-15-02-28-18-915_zpsxrctvtli.jpg

Last year, me and my whole family are got to see the beauty of El nido Palawan in the Philippines, and no words can describe and contains on how beauty it was because the water is truly clear and the nature was incredibly awesome where its like you are seeing it at the postcard, look our picture on top – that’s how clear the water was..

I hope soon we can get back in here and have a good memories to share with family again back home in the Philippines.

Loving my sunnies

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As you follows me on my other blog you might probably know that I am into sunnies or glasses because my eyes are easily to gets irritates whether on the simply dust winds or into a sunlight hence I got myself some good pair of sunglasses for me to rock on everyday, yes! even on the simply day, I must say. Actually, most of my sunnies are from the clients I used to worked with before and till now, they just generous enough for even sent over some branded one to try one but of course in exchange of my honest review over my site, you might got confused then which really blogs I moderate with? please dont! as I owned the 3 blogs alone and I am keep on writing with them simultaneously hence you should check the other 2 blogs as well as I am keen on updating them all more often.

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For all the accessories I have, sunglasses are one of my best picks as it was an functional and at the same time it does makes you look fashionable as well. Sunglasses are very essential too as for the summer season is past approaching thus you should get yourself one today for you to gets in on what’s new in the fashion industry as you wanted of course yourself to be trendy like others.

And if you ask me on which brand should I recommended, I’ll probably say Rayban, the brand for all sunnies?, because the line had a reputation already and it’s gained so much through years they’ve working in the industry thus a lot of fashion icons and enthusiasts are pretty pleased to have their sunnies to the brand, RayBan, and it gives this luxurious feels as you have one for yourself.

By the way, I’ve got mine at for like an 100 bucks when the shop hold an sale events last February you can get yours too in the same price, just check the shop now and see for yourself on what the shop could offer. You can either check their sale section where all the sales items were listed for you to easily sees in which one you could pick or not.