Month: March 2016

Mermaid inspired look

 photo wildfox-couture-australia-sirene-summer-2012-look-book-14.jpg

Last week, I blogged about on how pleased I am to have a colored wigs for the reason of, I can now make my inspirational look with the mermaid inspired look like on what you are seeing on the top photo. Yes! this look is very quirky thus a lot of lady, me included, are wanting to achieve this look but sadly to say not everyone can really pull this off because first, you have to consider your total appearance as well the color of your skin though, because as this was tend to have a dyed hair in variant color then it should also be you to have an at least fair kind of skin color for you to compliment the hair you wanted.

To learn more about this, please check the video below for further details.

Extra: 2016 Trendy Hair Color Asian Girls Hairstyles

So, these are the 2 videos you should watch first for you to see if the hairstyle is going to be suits on you well or not. 🙂

Learn your face shape for better frame glasses

 photo 1z3nep4.jpg

Each of us has this kind of face shape thus you should have to learn what yours first before considering having your expensive sunnies. Believe me or not, knowing your shape face is truly important not just on the type of frame for your glasses but also with the cut of hair you should have, others hired some professionals who knows on how to check an face shape for their convenience but mostly now eye clinic offers an face shape consultant for free as you have bought an pair of frame from them, go check the nearest eye clinic on your place for further details.

Be quirky, use colored wigs this summer

 photo tumblr_ma0uwcRuYX1qfincfo1_500_zpshef5gjhy.jpg

Don’t have a time to fix your hair? if so, why not considering wearing colored wig this summer? yes! you can do that as long your are confidently wearing it and everything will gone right on you. Though I know most of you would probably feel uncertain with these lovely colors here and yet as you feel you are beautiful wearing it, it would really came out that way as on how these Japanese people do.

Wigs are uses as fashion accessories too these days hence majority of the teens are fond to have it even to rock with it on their daily wear thus this kind of fashion statement is gone internationally and adopt by the westerner and starting to invades the fashion scene too. No doubt, if we can see some of these luxurious brands using wigs to showcase their new campaign and collection for showroom.

Color wigs are great too this summer as they can make your total outfit summery and fun, and it can also help to uplift mood as colors are tend to do it or naturally can influence one’s person mood thus you should have to consider it yourself this hot season.