Month: January 2016

Be a Man, Be Gentleman

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As we got into this new generation, the quality of the living is getting higher while the manner, I supposed, are getting weaker? especially for the men. Because as we opposed that man can only rule tha nation and we women eager to have the equality the men thinks that we’re all, women, stronger and cant really need their help as we are getting into hard times. Though, sometimes it is good to be alone, it is good to solve your own problem and have your own pace in life but as the bible saying, no man is an island hence we’d still need a hand to do what’s the right thing we must do. So, please as you are man and seeing a lady who needs a help please dont hesitate to extend your hands and have her at ease even for a single hour of hardness she’d having through.

Women are naturally bipolar and vain, I must say, but please understands us as we need a care for the manly guy who carry us, seek us, love us in the time we needed more. Yes! I am quite disappointed with those man who doesn’t have balls to attend their responsibility in life, their family. Because they are not manly enough to say and earned the credit they’d trying to obtain in this life. Good thing, all the men in my life are this very responsible, loving and caring to do all things we needed to attend to. As well, they’re thoughtful and gentleman enough to extend hand for those in needed.

London my dream place to live

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One of my dream place to live in was London, though US is quite good to live in too but I think UK is way better or the best to live as they have the healthy lifestyle most of the time, I supposed? as they always drink tea and eating greens which one I truly love as well. Here in the US, there’s those kind of food but I bet they were all have a severe used in msg which I am not fond of with hence I better to each my ow full gown veggies at our home’s backyard.

Also, UK is the place where all ancients buildings and either sorts of momentum where houses also in UK they have a lot of neighborhood where one train away that you can actually able to visit in one go using the trail ways, the European union countries. I am actually planning to have my tour this summer and that where begins in London then  I’ll gets down to Germany going to Paris for the Eiffel tower picture which I truly want to have as my souvenirs for this trip has it happened for real, Will never know, right?

so you? what is you dream place or country to live for? I know you have your own already as people are naturally wanting to see other places which is part ways on their comfort zone, at least once in their lifetime.

Men’s Fashion: Basics Days

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As what I often says here that I a not usually blogging about mens fashion because I am not that well known about it hence I got minimal sources when it comes to dope fashion for men. But this recently, I just got myself hooked up with it as I found some several photos whose men on how to pull off their own outfits though it was just a basic kind of pieces.

Luckily, Ive found this photo wherein 2 manly guys had walks on the street in Paris wearing only their white plain tees which theyve paired off with the bule jeans and old kind looking loafers to finish off the total outfit. I must say, this outfit its kindly normal look but I can also tell that this really a hardcore fashion for men which I hope mostly men can pull off.

This kind of outfit are basically for the daily errands kind of event but you can easily upgrade it into kinda casual and formal wear as you know any blazer or coats that can compliment the totality of the outfit. I hope you’ll get what am trying to say here, right? okay, that would be all for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking me here for more fashion and travel updates.

Normcore is the fashion of the Century?

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Might most of you are quite familiar with in this kind of fashion sense which they’ve called it normcore. Actually, this kind of fashion statement are been trend already way back in 80’s if I am not mistaken but due to the cleverly mind of these fashion designers and enthusiasts they can even makes it as today’s fashion statements and a lot of people are getting crazed about it till this time. Wait, this fashion statement are been started last 2 years ago and up to till now people are getting themselves into this kind of statements.

 photo tumblr_mq6hrqzEhC1qmi8cwo1_500_zpspvrb9qsg.jpg

Either men are got some pieces to collect and made its own normcore fashion as this was stands at normal but hardcore fashion. Normcore are usually composed with basic pieces particular with a white piece which has to be pair with in any awesome pieces, it could be bulky type top or loose-y kind of pants will do as log you are that knowledgeable about on how you can mix and matches clothes, everything will surely gone right, no worries!

Australian are more into normcome but as I can see it even Asians today are quite pleased in this kind of fashion especially Koreans who has access with all kind of clothes available today in the market.