Month: December 2015

Best Summer Bags

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As the summer season comes. I know most of you gels are starting to pick on which one accessories especially on your bag to have. Because as we all know that summer is all about variant and colors hence we should have these appropriate one for the season to pull off.

Actually, there’re bunch of kind of bags available today in the market but mostly if you aren’t that much updated on what’s new of now you are much landed having the outdated one and kinda oldies for the new season but no worries that is why I made this post up for you to know on what are these bags or purses to have this coming spring and summer season for 2016.

Firstly, if you ask me – I’ll probably go with my neon kind of color bag as this was the really safe to have because it does gives a great summery a feel on you has you carry it for yourself. Though neutral or kind earth color are also perfectly fine and yet you’d still need to consider on what kind of fashion finds you’d trying to pull off – these kind of bags are perfectly into any casual or formal kind of events – just be mindful on what are the right to have and not.

Beauty Tips: Messy Ponytail

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I know a lot of you are doing this kind of hairstyle already. But did you know that there was the right way to do it? Yes! you can mastered the messy pony tails in no minute. Yes! again this is serious as I’ve found some tuts videos over YouTube who’re professional in this kind of hairstyle that can done it even inside the running car.

Kindly check out the video below for details:

So yeah! these are the tutorial videos I am talking about I hope you can have a great time watching them and to actual learn from them as like what I do. Okay, that would be all for now. Thank you so much and keep on coming back here for more fashion and beauty tips.

Summer Outfit for men

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I just thought of putting off an men’s fashion section here as I am fascinated as well in to and I just simply loved looking a man’s outfit that can carried with full of manly confident thus form now on you can check out my men’s fashion section for more topics and further details on what’s hot and not when it comes to men’s fashion.

For the upcoming summer fashion for men 2016. The trend that am seeing would be the short, as always, that is perfectly in any top piece you picked. It could be button down, shirts either a tank top will do as long as you can carry it confidently and it shows of definitely good looks in you.

And for the the accessories, I probably suggest you to have a sunglasses , which the killer of your total outfit, plus you can wear something summer bracelets that you can find elsewhere or just ask your fave brand stores if they have any but most probably they did have as brands and labels these days are into summer accessories too, in both men and women.

As for the prints and designs for summer season, I’d often sees camo even strips kind of patterns in both tops and bottoms hence you should also consider having some to pull off this coming summer too but be mindful that not all the trendiest pieces are can gets fit on you well – you should still consider the type of body you have as well the type of personality you have. No worries, I’ll be talking this topic by my next post hence you should stick with this site often for more updates and details.

Diamond a girl’s best friend?

 photo Best-Engagement-Rings-On-Hands-Views_zpsxbaoibfb.jpgAll women are beautiful, remember that. As we need to have the full confident as for us to make all the things we wanted in life, there’s also a saying ” Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” hence as you are a lovely lady – go outside, mingle and show to everyone how precious you are could be, in that way you kinda gain even earned the respect not just for being a gel but also as individual who getting it’s part in this world.

Women should be empowered by themselves hence they can breaks this wall who trying to block them in what cable they can do. Girls should be brave with conviction and at the same time has wittiness in every decision you may have. By doing this too, I believed you can found a better man for you who can makes you happy and who can respect you dearly and love you unconditionally. Diamonds are just thing and it could fade off as time goes by but the self respect in you would be lasted until the dawn of your life. Be lively and happy lovely as always, dont  let other put you down or at least feel you bad, remove all your ifs in life and I know as you stand still you can find your own self having a stress free mind thus you can freely you all things you wanted.

How I came up with the title?

We all know that as a women settled down and have its own family, it’s merely situation is that, the woman got herself locked in to house and she couldn’t do anything beside the cooking, look after the child and cleaning which am trying to revoke as ladies should be still be the precious lady we know.

The New

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I’ve decided guys that this site, formally a Chinese site, is now making its way to the international audiences by writing it off using the English language hence everyone can interact and shares either their own opinion through my comment box, unlike before where all the Chinese character where everywhere and I only gaining hits to these fellow Chinese countries which is far on my target audience. That is why now, I am trying my best though to have written the whole site in English alone and I hope you can visit me here often as I intend to share off all of my own travel experiences, fashion, foods that I loved and the lifestyle and tying to stick on through days past.

First of all, let me introduce myself, I am Jane Marin am a half Spanish by blood, 1/4 Chinese and the remaining is Filipino – I grown up in the Philippines but now I am residing in the states for the new beginning – quite sometimes too I travel in China and Taiwan even to the other colony country such as Singapore, I loved Chinese Language most as I part of my soul is already part in it as my ancestral are from the country.


Well, as I’ve said, you can see me writing some of my own expecines here, a lifestyle kind of blog is it. And you can even sees some of my travels but mostly foods I pleased about hence you better check me often here for more updates and details. Also, I’ll be including some fashion brand collections here as am getting some press release to be posted. So, keep an eye on it too.

Alright, that will be all for now and I look forward to see you coming here as often as you could.

Thanks so much!