6 of the Best Places to Visit in Bohol

If you remember your elementary school geography lessons, then you will probably immediately associate Bohol with the beautiful and awe-inspiring Chocolate Hills. This iconic attraction, composed of 1,247 hills, is one of the most-visited spots on the island province and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists flock to the Chocolate Hills during the summer, when the baking-hot sun turns the green grass covering the hills into a warm chocolate brown.

More than just the Chocolate Hills, however, Bohol is filled with plenty of historical sites and natural wonders that are sure to captivate visitors. Check out this list of must-visit places, which you should definitely include in your next Bohol tour.

Panglao Island

Panglao is Bohol’s answer to Aklan’s Boracay. Indeed, this resort island is one of the province’s best and most popular destinations. It’s full to the brim with white-sand beaches, diving spots teeming with colorful marine life, and inlands inhabited by interesting species of wildlife. Some of the most popular attractions in Panglao are, of course, the beaches. These include Alona Beach, Doljo Beach, and Dumaluan Beach. Virgin Island—which is not really an island but a sandbar—is only a few meters from the mainland’s coast, so you can kayak or charter a boat to go there. 

While you’re in Panglao, you may want to visit the Hinagdanan Cave. This spooky, spectacular cave with spiky stalactites and stalagmites is perfect for thrill seekers. The entrance is only a small opening, which is easily missable if you don’t have a tour guide. When you reach the bottom of the cave, there’s a small pool filled with clear water. It’s not forbidden to swim here, but be sure you’re prepared for thecold temperature!

Other places to visit in Panglao include the Bohol Bee Farm, Philippine Tarsier Recreation Inc., and Tarsier Botanika.

Balicasag Island

Balicasag is a small island located only a few kilometers off the coast of Panglao. It’s a marine sanctuary and a world-famous diving spot. In the waters surrounding the isle, you’ll catch sight of a variety of species of fish like barracudas and eels, as well as colorful corals, sea sponges, and sea weeds. You can also get a glimpse of dolphins and sea turtles here. If you’re not fond or capable of diving, you can also just snorkel to see these breathtaking underwater views from a different perspective. Of course, beach bums will also love Balicasag since it also has beautiful white-sand shores surrounded by shallow waters that are perfect for swimming. 

Best Bridal Dresses For 2019?

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When it comes to wedding dresses today? There were a bunch of pieces and finds from these brands and labels to choose from with and you can neither get a quality of wedding gowns at any online shops today as it was too board and let say wide as for the market of these dresses these days hence you won’t get hard in finding the right for you as you need to get for yourself now or for the future.

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Just a brief ideas on what kind of wedding dresses were in trends these days?

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In addition, you may wanna check all of the AW Bridal Review over google for you to have eased your mind even they are just basing online. Because a lot of folks were too pleased and opted to get their gowns to this shop as they’ve heard that mostly of their gowns were into the trends and as for the pricing ranges, they were reported as the most reliable wedding shop today that has a competitive prices in their gowns and dresses.

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What kind of wedding dresses you should have?

In some people, they tended to have 1 up to 3 dresses to wear during their wedding celebration. Because they were a gown for a ceremony, one for the wedding reception and one dress after the party. Throughout these times, you’ll have to be looking stunning as you are the bride yourself. Hence you should get all the exquisite kind is gowns and you might probably get yours at ModCloth or in this shop called Mori Lee. Because these 2 were well known to their set of gowns to offer. You might wanna check them out now for your own convenience.

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Luvyle.com: Best Online shop 2019

Band Collar Flounce Plain Blouses

We all know that buying stuff online doesn’t guarantee any. Hence, if you really wanna do it perhaps for the experience. I will then share with you this one reliable and reputable online store for 2019 that could give you all your expectations and get the items in the cheapest prices but the quality haven’t compromised at all. First, the shop am telling you was this online store called Luvyle.com where all the latest finds in fashion today were listed and selling over for a very reasonable prices. In fact, you can have your casual outfit to this shop for a lowest price of 10 USD that is too chic and fancy. You can confirm this by checking their site yourself and even pick what you think is the best for your own personal styling.

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And to those into corporate wolrd whose like to have casual finds to rock this new season. No worries then, as the shop’s offering some fancy casual blazers for women that you can consider about. Although, their blazer are kinda pricey than to t-shirts and yet as for comparison to the other online shop luvyle still the most reasonable as for the price wise and quality wise. Go check the shop now and see on how great to shop with them today!


3 Things We All LOVE About Gift Giving

IMAGE: https://pixabay.com/en/girl-gift-presents-christmas-xmas-2931287/

What is it about gift giving that fills our hearts with joy? Why is it that almost everyone finds themselves smiling when they hand a Christmas present to someone they love? Why do we as a species have such an incredible generous spirit? You might be surprised to find out why we all love being generous. There are many benefits, both physical and psychological, that we get when we give.

Good Memories and Happy Thoughts

The holiday season brings incredible memories. Holiday decorations, Christmas trees, giving presents, and singing favorite carols trigger neurological responses in the brain that releases feel-good endorphins. We feel better when we are generous and give to others, even more than when others give to us. Part of this is because our brain derives pleasure from seeing the happiness on another’s face, especially if we have a close tie to that person. Think about how the joy of giving to your loved one makes you feel warm inside. This triggers pleasant memories from childhood and family traditions from long ago.


Humans are community-minded. We benefit psychologically and physically when we socialize with others. Part of this community includes sharing of our own resources. Communities that support each other, work together, and give to each other thrive. In the past giving may have just been sharing a meal or shelter. Today this includes giving Christmas presents during the holidays. Our generosity as a species helps us survive modern times.

Relationship Building

Seal a friendship or romantic relationship by giving a special one-of-a-kind gift. Think about how a proposal with the gift of a ring changes two lives separated but now intertwined. Or how you can help a friend in need with a generous gift that goes above and beyond. Spouses demonstrate how much they love each other through their gift-giving.

This doesn’t always mean that you have to purchase the most expensive gift. Sometimes it is the rare thoughtful gift between friends or family that demonstrates best how much the other person means to you. Some of the sweetest and original gift-giving takes place between children and parents. We all have memories of little trinkets that we created for our parents and grandparents as children. Gift-giving builds relationships. The gift of experiences, from short romantic getaways to lavish family vacations, builds relationships and memories to last a lifetime. Even something as simple as giving a weekend camping with Grand Dad or ballroom dancing classes together are both original and priceless.

This holiday season take the time to give a priceless gift. It can be for your parents, your spouse, your child, or even an elderly neighborly. You don’t have to spend large amounts money. Find a Christmas gift that you know is meaningful, a gift that shows that your loved one means so much to you. Connect with others. Be generous. Enjoy the sweet fruits of kindness and giving this Christmas.

Looking For The Fancy Set Bedding?

19 Momme Seamless Silk Sheets Set

It’s too important for us to sleep well as it was reflect it to our selves by tomorrow. Hence, you should then to have a great bed and bedding to use to achieved the deep well sleep that everyone is envied about. No worries, I’ll be going to share with now to this post on where you could buy off an fancy and yet cheapest silk bedding that you could use of for your own bed to have sleep better at night, always. The shop is called Freedomsilk.com where all the room necessities were houses and even sells out for a very affordable prices in comparison to the other same stores online. Hence, if you are looking for the comfy pillow cases and bedding? I think you should check this shop first as all of their finds were too made in silk that are pretty premium these days.

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This shop, freedomsilk, is pretty reputable and reliable for their products especially for their luxury silk bedding. Because a lot of bloggers and well known personas out their in the web are keep on talking about their luxurious silk bedding which they’v claimed to me way more comfy than to the other silk made bedding that they have tried with. Meaning, this shop really engaged in giving out not just quality of the items but also make sure that they could satisfied their customers well basing on what they’re looking for. You may now check the shop yourself and see what they could offer you best!

22 Momme Short Silk Robe With Long Sleeves

In addition to the silk bedding that this shop is selling over, they could have some special pillow cases like their silk pillowcase for hair which they’ve said pretty amazing as you dont have a hair fall moment every night by just using this pillow case also. ANd not just that, because they did has some chic womens silk robes that could might wanna check on out. Because of their their robes were too fancy and elegant looking that can uplift your confidence once you wears it.

List Of Things To Pack For An Effortless Family Trip

A family trip is bound to be loaded with possibilities and it is obvious that during the trip, the mood of your family members can change from excited to irritated in a way of minutes. It is advised to always plan well in advance before closing the door to your abode and hitting the road.

A family trip can be a memorable one in case one treads the extra mile and makes the list of things to pack for the trip foolproof! We have sifted through the accounts of various failed and successful trips from our friends and families and put together a list of six essentials you need to pack in your luggage before hitting the road!

Trash bags

Grocery trash bags are bare essentials especially when one plans to take their family on a trip via the road or by the air! In case your children or the elderly with you who are prone to motion sickness, these can be considered as lifesavers in messy situations!

Wet wipes

Whether your kids or your friends are feeling to grab a bite while on the road, chances are you won’t be stopping your car now and then just to get their hands washed! It is always advised to pack at least two packs of wet wipes in your luggage to tackle messy hands with ease!


A road trip is nothing without some good old-fashioned entertainment such as your favourite stash of classic movies and the cinematic excellence of contemporary times! Show off your film buff side to your family and leave them in awe at pit stops when everyone can gather around your laptop to share moments of joy, laughter, tears and thrill while watching movies whose DVDs you have packed!


A trip can become boring at times when everyone is feeling a bit tipsy from the tiring journey. Well, in such cases, it is always advised to take a pit stop or a short nap if you are driving! One can also pack some interesting board games in the luggage to make sure everyone on the trip are feeling energised in no time!


Water is the essence of life and whether you have packed any of the above-mentioned items, packing a huge stock of bottled water is non-negotiable by all means. It is always advised to pack bottled water while on a trip as one might not always get their hands on sanitary and safe sources of water for drinking.


It can be considered as the most important item to be packed in your luggage next to the water! One usually keeps a few energy bars, candies, apples and dry fruit in handy but when you have your gang or your loved ones with you, it is best to have sandwiches, wraps and other high-calorie snack items in the cooler. Avoid alcoholic drinks at all costs, especially when you are on a road trip and you know the reasons!

The above-mentioned packing list is a generic one and most importantly indicates the bare essentials one should pack in their luggage when on a family trip. The list can differ and can be easily modified with one’s preferences and tastes. Other than that, just enjoy the road and moments of laughter with your loved ones and friends!

Reasonable Homecoming Dresses At Babyonlinewholesale.com

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When its comes to women fashion today. Ladies tend to have some dresses that to a pants with tops or paired it with shorts. Because fashion are too exquisite today and women needs to be prim and proper by just wearing these lovely and chic dresses alone. And I know most of the women are career women whose work overseas and keep on coming back at home. Thus, if you are planning to hold an homecoming party your way. I think you should check on this shop called babyonline wholesale whee all the types of dresses were houses and selling over for a very reasonable and cheapest prices. You can confirm this by just check the shop yourself for you to see on how awesome their dresses were as well the shop alone.

PAIGE | Mermaid Knee Length Sweetheart Sleeveless Black Appliques Homecoming Dresses

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ADELAIDE | A-line Knee-length Satin Homecoming Dress with Lace

One of I am really lurking to their shop these days were these homecoming dresses. Because their dresses are to versatile and can be wear off not only for your homecoming party but also to any casual either in any formal gatherings or events. Also, these dresses on this category were too hip and in trend that I think you should get in now as you wanted yourself to be fashionable and in trend for today’s fashion.

How To Enjoy Your Shopping Experience?

We all love to shop. And I know by this time some of you women are getting your cart ready and filling up with your fave pieces and finds from your trusted brands and line as we speaks for fashion. But you know what? there are ways that you could do to enjoy and even maximized your shopping experience and one of which was to check these online shops that are fond in giving out some discounted items or making their items and pieces into sale most of the time. And I can recommend you most were these Zaful.com and Patpat.com. These two shops are the leading and best stores today to shop with, I am telling you! and for the free stuff and freebies, you may also check Gratisfaction as they offer a lot of stuff for free and some discounts and coupon codes as well that are pretty useful to maximize your shopping experience.

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Use Elevated Shoes To Trick Your Heights

I know some of you guys haven’t have a taller heights or other calls it as shorted legs , they said. Though, this could be fixed out in a easy ways but at least you can trick it my having your stunning elevated shoes from Chamaripashoes.com that can gives a quite heels for men that can makes you looking taller than to your usual height. This kind of shoes are been considered by the well know celebrities like Tom cruise who is so open about him wearing his favorite elevated formal shoes when every time he got an event to attend. I think, its okay for men to wear off any heels for the formal shoes as long as it could compliment his total outfit, that’s totally fine. Hence, the key was to find the right height increase insoles shoes for yourself. And you can easily find them all at the shop mentioned as they have all the available designs of shoes for men today.

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To be honest, it’s okay for men to wear this, own my opinion. Because it could add up to their confidence the feeling that they were in right height than to their usual thus, if you aren’t much confident with your height today and wanting an instant result you should buy off any formal elevated shoes over this shop and I am pretty sure that you would be happy more on your look and to yourself as well.

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In fact, we women are still considering having an height insoles in us what more for you all men. So, if you are on lookout for the formal leather shoes you should check the shop I’ve mentioned as they could offer you all the best you needed. In addition, they did has some elevated kicks too for your daily run or jogging. Just check the shop yourself and dig in what shoes you really need as for your daily activities.

Bohemian Dresses For Summer

A| Chicloth Back straps Floral Print Dress

A| Chicloth V-neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

Summer is already here and I know most of you ladies are quite having an hard times in picking up on your outfits to this humid season. But no worries then as I made this blog post here and listed out some of the fashion pieces you should get in for you to be in hip and looking fashionable.

A| Chicloth Cotton Floral Pockets Sleeveless boho Dress

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To be honest, summer season is the least and ease season to style up with. Because all you have to get were these light finds like basic tops or tees and shorts. But if you wanted to be looking so fine and lady like, you should then get yourself some Bohemian Dresses at Chicloth.com. Because this was the online shop that offers a wide array of Boho dresses in a very reasonable and cheapest prices. And you could also pick whether for the short or long dresses as this shop caters all the gowns available today in the market. Henceforth, if you are looking for the est summer outfit to sport in everywhere, you should then have to check the mentioned shop beforehand as they offers only the trendies and fine finds that wont get you wrong as you wears them.

The shop, Chicloth, is very reputable and reliable hence you may feel secured and at ease in shopping with their shop as they guarantee an on time delivery and you can either assure that their all items were too good when it comes to there quality and designs.